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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Change of Plans

I was working on getting my computer to display the overall color on the LEDs when I ran into something:
Adalight - DIY Ambient Monitor Lighting

I happen to run into this project, which was pretty much what I wanted to accomplish.  They also did it very well, I tried running the code, and its pretty incredible. This is a project created by adafruit learning system, and it is a very well written guide on how to do this. Also the video for it is incredibly cool! I would love to see how it works in games, since seeing how it looks with a performance of Blue Men Group, it would probably be sweet.

Now, I could continue what I am doing and use theirs, but that is no fun, nor is it a project that I created.

I like to do projects that as far as I know are new things, that I have never seen done. I thought no one had really done this before, other than those TVs, but now I have found there are multiple setups of it, so now I am moving on to different things.

I do highly suggest checking out the above project, it is really cool and really well done.

Time to derail this train and go track hopping! Next station, Audio Processing!!

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