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Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have been working on trying to find different interesting things to do with the lights in my case.  I wanted to make the lights interact with any game globally, either based off of color or sound.  Both of these proved difficult, but would be quite cool combined together.

Now, I have decided, it would work much better for games specifically.  How do I do that? Mods!  One game I have experience with modding is Skyrim, so I went with that.

In order to mod Skyrim, you use their Creation Kit, and with that, you can use their scripting language, Papyrus. It is a great way to make mods for the game.  Unfortunately, as Papyrus is a scripting language they made for modding, it can be very limiting.  For instance, I want to be able to control the LED's in my case, but I would need to do serial communication, which is needless to say impossible to do in Papyrus.

So then I found ScriptDragon, which allows you to use the functions in Papyrus, in your own C++ scripts. Perfect!

The first idea I have, is to make it so I catch the event for when the player is damaged, then flash the lights.  After I get this working, I can get into more complicated things:

  • Different colors for different types of damage (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Physical,..etc)
  • When charging magic spells, light up the LEDs, with the respective color
  • Reflect the Compass (If that is possible in anyway)

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