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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Screen Color Emitter

Here is an idea. It comes from a brand of televisions, I don't remember what it is, but I saw one years ago.  What it would do it get the average color of the screen, and emit that color through some lights behind the screen, lighting up the wall/room that is behind the TV.  I have no clue if this worked, or is even worse then without it, but I think it is a cool idea.

So I am going to try that of course!

I found a sweet RegionGetColor function for Autohotkey, that runs very fast and comes out with a very accurate color.  I then modified my Autohotkey code to send the color I get from that function to the Arduino.  The rest of it I had set up already.  So in theory, now I have it set up, so all of the LEDs on the chain will be the average color of the screen.

I have no clue if this will look good, or just be annoying, but I am excited to see what it does.

A couple other ideas I have with interaction with the LED chain:

  • In a First Person Shooter game, everytime I click to shoot, the LEDs flash white
  • With music playing, do one of those cool color visualizers on the LEDs
  • Show how much my CPU is being used, by simulating a bar on the LEDs
Many cool things could be done with this!

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