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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Arduino + LED Chain

I have not gotten the Arduino or LED Chain in the mail yet, but I have begun programming the code. There are two sides to the code, the Arduino side, and the Computer side.

For the Arduino side I have setup some simple methods that wait for serial messages being sent. It then parses them, and turns on the light chain accordingly.  So far I have only written a message that turns the entire chain one color.  Later I will make it so I can address each one individually. Luckily this was pretty easy, as a Library for the LED chain was supplied.

On the computer side I am using AutoHotkey, so I can easily setup hotkeys to turn on/off the LED strip. I also plan to be able to control the colors and such with hotkeys in the future.  I found a good Serial Library for AutoHotkey that uses Windows DLL calls for Serial communication.

I now have successfully written code on both sides, and have Serial communication.  I cannot test to see if the LED chain color is being changed though, as I still do not have it. Soon!

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